How can you make your retail skills perfect for the luxury market?

If you’ve ever entered into a luxury boutique or department store, you’ll immediately notice the differences from the standard high street retailer. If you’re going into luxury retail, these differences will be doubly important to you because you’re the person who has to maintain that standard of luxury. The retail skills you might have become familiar with need now to be taken to a whole new level. To help you with this, we compiled a list of how you can transform your retail skills into luxury retail skills.

Perfect your surroundings

Nothing is more infuriating for a customer than a messy, confusing shop. This is especially true for a luxury retail store, where customers are expecting a pristine environment. It’s important to make sure every display is tidy, so after every busy rush of customers, discreetly restore the department to the luxurious condition that customers expect.

Start Conversations

Walk into an high street store and you’ll probably be asked “are you alright?” by a friendly sales assistant. The customer doesn’t really have a lot of choice other than to answer “yes” or “no”.

Instead, start a conversation. At the very least, go for “how are you”, but good conversation starters include genuine compliments, a discussion about the products they are looking at, or something topical. Be natural and friendly, and aim to start a conversation with the customer within the first five minutes. This makes them more comfortable, and more interested in your brand.

Know and show your products

If you are asked about your products, make the most of the opportunity! This is your chance to share your product knowledge, informing the customer of the different features and benefits. This is why product knowledge is absolutely vital. You need to know about your entire range. What are your best sellers? What makes them good? Why should the customer pick this product over another product? Which products are complementary to the one you are trying to sell. Can you sell that too?

Know your customer

The trick is then to tailor this to your customer’s needs. Don’t just sell your customer a product because it’s the most expensive product you have. Actually find out what they want and provide them with the product that matches that. Ask them questions. Who is it for? How often will they use it? What will they need it for? When you know this, you can find the product that matches their requirements.

Turn them into a client

Finally, you need to create the pay off for all your hard work. You now need to encourage them to return. There are many ways of doing this, both subtle and overt. The most obvious way of doing this is offering things such as loyalty cards or signing them to a mailing list. These offer benefits for shopping again with the company. Other ways to do this would be to have a think about what your customer said and use that to invite them back. Let them know about other products that might be useful for them and you can ask to take their number or email to get in touch when it’s in store.

These are just a few of the many ways you can kick your retail skills up a notch to see the best rewards! Let us know which other skills you use!

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