Wellbeing in the workplace

We are living in an increasingly busy, fast paced world and our workplaces are reflecting that. For those of us who want to do well in our careers, our non-stop lifestyles can often result in us burning out. If you’re performing at 110 miles per hour with no rests for three weeks a month, then crashing for the final month, it’s time to consider pacing yourself and taking a breather now and then. Doing this will not only improve your health, but your productivity too.

We asked Hilltop colleagues to share what their top well-being in the workplace tips are. Here are our favourite five.

Give your body the nutrients it needs

We know how easy it is to fall into certain patterns. If you’re working an early shift it’s so easy to grab a coffee or energy drink for breakfast. It’s hard to make time for dinner, and in big cities quick food has never been more accessible.

Making time in the morning for breakfast will give you more energy throughout the day than that extra five or ten minutes of space. Great breakfasts include lots of proteins and vitamins - consider a breakfast with eggs and spinach for the nutrients to power you through the day. It might not be as convenient as a caffeinated drink, but try preparing your breakfast the night before so you can save time in the morning. Pre-cooking meals beforehand also works for dinner - batch cooking every so often means less time in the kitchen on weeknights.

Finally - you need to aim to drink eight to ten glasses of water each day. If you prefer drinks with a bit more flavour, drop berries or cucumber into your water for a flavour infusion with a lot less sugar.

Give your body the sleep it needs

Another essential is sleep. The world is becoming twenty four hours, seven days a week, especially with non-stop notifications from our smartphones. With our lives running into the early hours of the morning, it can be very tricky to switch off and get the appropriate rest we need. It’s important to say “stop” sometimes, and get rest early in the night so you can wake up refreshed and

ready for a new day. Set your phone to a silent or do not disturb setting a few hours before bed, and exchange liking Instagram selfies with a gentle activity which slows your brain down like reading or taking a bath. If you do need to check your phone, lots of phones have a night setting which allows your brain to unwind at the same time. Making the last few hours of your day restful is the key to a good night's sleep!


We’re not suggesting you get out there and start doing weights and four hours of cardio before every shift, but with industries like retail, you’ll be standing up all day and sometimes that can put a lot of pressure on your joints. Doing simple stretches before bed keeps your muscles limber and healthy. Getting moving - even for a short amount of time each day - releases those essential endorphins that will keep you feeling happy and positive.

See a Doctor

We’ve all been in the situation where something - either emotionally or physically - doesn’t feel right, and we choose to ignore it rather than getting it checked out by a doctor. It’s quite easy to do but it’s better you take the half an hour off to get a doctor to check it out and treat it than allow it to get a lot worse, meaning you need to take a month out of work.

Take A Break Sometimes

There’s a reason why employers give you holidays and days off. Your body needs to rest. Often we feel guilty about doing nothing on our weekends because it seems lazy, but you ought to listen to the signals of your body. If it is begging you to slow down and take it easy, you ought to listen to it!

We’d love to hear your tips for self-care and wellbeing in the work environment!

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