5 Tips To Motivate Yourself For That Big Interview!

If you’re lucky enough to get that big call from your dream job saying they would like to interview you then it’s natural nerves can get in the way. The problem with this is it can be the massive roadblock that stops you getting the job! Nerves can stop the flow of thoughts, and even when you’ve planned out everything you want to say, your nerves might just render you speechless at the moment when you least want it.

The trick is to protect yourself against those nerves and get yourself motivated and ready for the big day ahead of you.

Our top tips would be:

1.Start your morning with a shower!

Showering before your interview isn’t just good hygiene. A powerful shower, set a little colder than usual, will wake you up and get rid of that early morning sleepiness! It’s great to get the blood and thoughts flowing, and instead of singing you can recite some affirmations!

2. Make a motivational playlist.

What songs make you feel really great about yourself? Which songs really give you a message of empowerment and possibility? Find those songs, and create a playlist that will get you strutting to your interview feeling ready and confident.

3. Remind yourself what’s great about you!

There’s no point in convincing an employer to hire you if you don’t really believe those things yourself. What do you do well? What did you achieve in your previous roles? What makes you great? Remind yourself of why you consider yourself capable of doing this job, and you’ll be all set to convince your future managers!

4. Prepare yourself from the night before.

So, you’re feeling pumped and confident. Then you realise you don’t know where you have to go. What a way to kill your confidence! Go over all your notes, the notes and the name of who is interviewing you from the night before. Double check you have prepared everything you might need, and then go to bed. That way there are no surprises in the morning and you can focus your energies on getting the perfect mindset!

5. Remember your position!

Think positively. Why be nervous, when at this point the interviewers are just as excited to meet with you as you are with them. Remember that at this stage, they are just as impressed with you as they are with all the other candidates. You don’t have to prove yourself, or beg for the job. They already believe in you - now is the time to confirm they were right about you!

What are your top techniques for preparing yourself for an interview?

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