Why You Should Absolutely Consider a Luxury Retail Career

Think of your favourite luxury brand. That brand you simply can’t get enough of, and you recommend it to all your friends. You find yourself scrolling through the brand’s Instagram learning everything about their products, and maybe you even know the brand history back to front. Well, why haven’t you considered joining their shop floor team?

Maybe you’ve heard what they say about retail. They’ll tell you you’ll spend long hours on your feet. You’ll be told that the customers are all unfriendly, and the delivery days are so exhausting that you’ll wake up feeling like you’ve done a day of strength training at the gym. All these things may well make you reconsider luxury retail - but ignore it!

A luxury retail career allows you to get out of it as much as you put in. If you don’t like what you do, even an hour will feel like a long shift. If your attitude is negative, customers will respond better to you. If you don’t care about the products you’re selling, you won’t feel any excitement at new ranges arriving. With a brand you love and care about, luxury retail is rewarding, exciting and can hold the key to a bright future.

Each shift offers you an opportunity to better yourself, enhance your skills and work amongst a team of likeminded individuals. If you enjoy challenges, luxury retail offers an environment to excel and push yourself to do better every day. If you take pride in what you do, your hard work will be recognised and rewarded. Make the most of every hour you work and you will see yourself develop every day.

Customers are diverse and come from around the world. Many of them are excited to hear about the brand, and if you share that excitement, you’ve taken the first step in turning a customer into a client. Luxury retail is exactly the place to work for people who love meeting new people, sharing their stories and making people smile. This is not the place to say a few words to the customer at the till. This is where, with each new person entering into your store, you can use your fantastic personality to find the perfect product for your customer.

And what about development, when the time comes? Personal growth is what turns a job into a career - and it’s not called a luxury retail career for no reason. Be proactive and seek out those excellent opportunities to learn new skills within your brand, and you may well find yourself shaping the future of your brand.

So what’s stopping you? The best experience they are looking for is the right attitude!

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