The cover letter is a document that accompanies your Curriculum Vitae. Many job adverts require you to send a cover letter, which must not be confused with a letter of reference, as well as your CV.


While often under-valued by job seekers, the cover letter is a crucial document for companies searching for candidates and wishing to obtain further information about the applicant’s skills and expertise. The cover letter is your chance to demonstrate why you are the perfect candidate for the job offer you are applying for. If the employer requires a cover letter, this will always be specified in the job advert (for most vacancies, recruiters or employers will ask for a cover letter).


How should you write a correct and effective cover letter?


In your cover letter you must highlight your competencies, knowledge and skills gained throughout your career. Your expertise should then be demonstrated in your CV and, if shortlisted, during the interview. It is advisable to avoid cliché formulas or general statements, as they do not add value to your application; you should instead highlight your professional achievements, like you do in your CV. The cover letter must be perfectly written, concise (one page), and simple in style. It must not include personal information or details that are not relevant for the purposes of the job offer.


What is the main objective of a cover letter?


A cover letter must catch the attention of the recruiter or the company offering the position, as well as persuading them to read your Curriculum Vitae. If you have not succeeded yet, you are possibly using a generic letter, which is not tailored to the company offering the job. Remember that the company’s recruiter will be know from reading your cover letter, in just a few seconds, whether you are seriously interested in the position advertised, or if you are the umpteenth, not particularly motivated applicant.


What do our cover letter services include?


We offer a cover letter writing or optimization service.


The cover letter writing service provides you with a brand new, personalized cover letter; it is particularly useful for those who have a letter unsuitable for the UK job market.


The optimization service is suitable for those who already have a cover letter but require it to be improved. Our team will then work on the optimization of the letter content on the basis of the existing material.


New Cover Letter writing or optimization of an existing one (generic or aimed to a specific job offer)


Information and guidance about how to write a successful cover letter

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