Are you looking for a vacancy in London or in the United Kingdom and you don’t know how to carry out an effective search?

Do you have doubts about the real job opportunities in your industry?

Has your job search been unproductive so far?

Don’t you know if you are moving in the right direction?


Our career coaching service will give you the right advice to help you find answers to all those questions you have been trying to answer for months; allowing you to speed up the time for your entry into the UK job market, which is very different from any other job market.

Career coaching is ideal for foreign and European people who are newly arrived in the United Kingdom or for those individuals who are planning to move to the UK or professionals who would like to make a career change. The service is also useful for those individuals who would like to improve their current job search, especially when it has not been providing any positive results, over an extended period of time.

Looking for a job is a “job” in itself and the search for a new position very often becomes even more complex if you are already employed on a full-time basis. The lack of time and a poor knowledge of the UK job market can make your quest even more exhausting; this may cause a loss of motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence. It is therefore important to understand how to effectively look for a job, what the real job opportunities are (one of the most common errors is applying for a job which does not match your profile), how to read and interpret a job offer, and much more.


We offer a wide range of coaching services and career guidance covering all professions.

Career coaching can be based on one or more sessions; based on the assessment of your job expectations, the meeting with our career advisor will help you understand how to reach your career objectives, find a job, optimize the use of LinkedIn and how to “market” your job experience in the United Kingdom.

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